4 Tech Trends in 2021 That Will Affect Everyone


Technology can change our lives in many ways. Palto Alto Networks, the global cybersecurity leader, posted these four major trends for the coming year as the digital transformation that has been occurring for decades is expected to advance in 2021.

1. 5G technology is here

Fifth generation or 5G first came to market at the end of 2018 and will continue to expand worldwide in 2021.

5G represents more than just speed improvement, as this technology is anticipated to permit massive 5G Internet of Things ecosystem (IoT), where systems can act as a communication hive, transmitting the requests of billions of connected devices. The best advantage of this is the balance between latency, cost and speed.

Largely, the rise of the 5G is attributed to the emergence of iPhone 12 as well as other 5G-enabled smartphones. Thus, this is anticipated to speed up the spread of 5G networks as the telecommunication owners pursue to deploy new services for their clients and governments that tap digital opportunities for economic recovery in 2021.

Unfortunately, the potential for cyberattacks will increase with the deployment of this technology. The majority of the private sector infrastructure owners may not afford rapid deployment of the same approaches designing and rolling out 5G networks. Lest they fall victims to the same types of attacks as they did in 3G and 4G, but on an even greater scale.

2. Increasing Privacy Debate amplified by Green lanes and travel bubbles

With a larger number of countries putting up reciprocal green lanes and travel bubbles in order to resuscitate their hospitality and travel sector, the personal data of the people traveling is put at risk. The danger lies in the fact that this sensitive data is shared across borders to ensure proper tracing and to stop the further spread of the virus.

However, this contact tracing means also that safeguarding the data privacy comes second in priority. Nonetheless, the private sector efforts are progressing as they constantly support monitoring measures, like the Apple-Google Exposure Notification system, a system that many countries are using at this moment.

3. Home working will become safer and smarter

The adaptation of the cloud tools and the increasing popularity of virtualised desktops is becoming the new standard in the New Year, reducing the need for expensive devices. Brands and business owners are now able to provide their employees with connected and simpler devices that permit access to resources and databases needed online, driving work to them straight, enabling the protection of their talent assets.

The new cybersecurity standard are solutions like the SASE (secure access service edge). The reason for this is the visibility, simplicity and the flexibility they bring.

4. IT teams returns to basics for security

In order to scale their cloud presence in the new year, organizations need an additional layer of access and identity management (IAM) governance. A number of 42 researchers from the Palo Alto Network Unite have detected that a single IAM misconfiguration could allow attackers to dodge almost all security control and make a hole in the cloud environment.
Therefore, in the 2021, more and more businesses will find themselves shifting all their efforts in getting the IT fundamentals right and leaving out some products and services that can support the cloud security.
Palo Alto Network also believes that, in order for businesses to stop the growth of their vulnerabilities, they will have to work their security issues at the speed of cloud.

To sum up, the 2021 is expecting to be a year of major change in technology in terms of privacy, speed and function in the digital world.